cropped-fullsizerender-15Libby Iriks has always been a lover of books. She spent a number of years as a teacher librarian, sharing her passion for literature with her students and now works as a territory manager for an international children’s publisher. She is still very much connected to the world of school libraries and children’s books.

Having been surrounded by the written word for so long, Libby has been inspired to pick up her own pen and is setting out to achieve her childhood dream of being an author. After having a number of works published under a pseudonym, she is now focusing on writing for children.

Her true passion in the world of children’s literature lies with picture books. A book where words and illustrations work in perfect harmony to tell a story is a wonderful work of art. As True Blue Librarian was originally created during Libby’s days as a teacher librarian, it will now be dedicated to sharing with its readers the truly magical world of picture books. Libby will share her favourites, both timeless classics and new releases.

Libby lives in a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia, with her husband and two children. When she’s not working or trying to stay on top of the housework, you’ll either find her curled up with a book or madly tapping away at her keyboard.

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