“Connect to Reading” display

Welcome back to Term 3! No doubt everyone is busy planning for Book Week at the moment. I thought I’d share with you my “Connect to Reading” display. I have to admit that displays are not my forte…I just don’t have the time (or the creativity if I’m being honest) to create masterpieces. But ideas are certainly worth sharing!

In the photo below, I’ve created a border of puzzle pieces (an idea from Pinterest) using coloured card and dust jackets. The theme heading “Connect to Reading” was cut from paper printed with newspaper print while “Reading to Connect” was cut from paper printed with children holding hands, emphasising the point that reading can bring us closer to others.


One of the six coloured pieces of card is shown in a close-up below. Each is an outline of a nine-piece puzzle. In each puzzle piece I’ve glued a photo of a student holding one of the CBCA nominated titles. Each puzzle then shows children of varying ages reading the same title.

IMG_1550The rest of the display illustrates the concept of connecting texts that we read to other texts, ourselves and the world.


For more “Connect to Reading” ideas, you can check out my Pinterest page.

ALSO, stay tuned for my next post CONNECTING TO AUTHORS!



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