Danny Parker inspires

Hello again! It’s been a while…a crazy end to the year means I have a lot to catch up on. A big thank you to Amanda from Christchurch, New Zealand who gave me a metaphorical kick up the backside with her lovely and encouraging email reminding me that maybe people are reading!

So, let me transport you back in time to Book Week 2014…

I took 90 of our senior school students, Years 4, 5 and 6, to our local library to hear Danny Parker speak. For FREE! And wow! What an experience! This author knows how to work an audience. Danny has so far released three picture books: No Kind of Superman, Tree and Parachute and is also a drama teacher and fabulous presenter. He had a total audience of around 120 nine to twelve year olds and managed to keep them captivated and entertained for over an hour. I was also privileged to see Danny present at the 2013 Celebrate Reading conference at the Fremantle Literature centre where he was equally entertaining. If you ever get the chance to hear Danny speak, grab hold of it and DO NOT let go. He is truly inspiring. If you would like more details of what Danny shared with our students, you can read about it on my school library blog post.

Danny Parker inspires

Danny Parker inspires

On a side note, if you love books and are anything like me, you probably dream about one day seeing your own name in print and your book in the hands of an excited child. Danny is going to be presenting a course in Perth on Writing Picture Books for the Australian Writers’ Centre at the end of February. Be excited Perth. Be very excited!


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