True Blue Librarian has recently undergone a metamorphosis. Originally created as a way to connect and share ideas between primary school librarians, it is now dedicated to sharing and discussing quality children’s picture books, both the timeless classics and new releases.

If we’re talking timeless classics and sticking to the metamorphosis theme, you can’t get better than Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Published in 1969, it has stood the test of time, topping charts as a much-loved children’s picture book. It has been used in classrooms around the world to teach a number of topics, including days of the week, numbers, the concept of healthy eating and life cycles. The die cut holes that show the caterpillar’s mealtime journey is a memorable feature of the book and has fascinated generations of children and will no doubt continue to do so for many years to come.

We have seen many editions of the book published over the years along with a countless number of related products featuring the iconic caterpillar, from board games to dinner sets to stuffed toys, much to the delight of parents the world over who have fond memories of the book from their childhood. Fans can also now be entertained by The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show, an adaptation of four timeless Eric Carle stories featuring 75 puppets, including our favourite caterpillar, and showing in locations throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

On his website, Carle reminisces how his father used to say, “Eric, come out of your cocoon,” meaning he should open up and be receptive to the world around him. Thank goodness for us he did, publishing The Very Hungry Caterpillar at the age of 40 and making the world of children’s picture books a more colourful, beautiful place.

2 thoughts on “THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR by Eric Carle

  1. Helen M Earl

    I was a bit old to catch this when it first came out, but discovered it when my children were born. It remains one of my all-time favourites, alongside ‘Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?’ and ‘The Bear, the Mouse, and the Red Ripe Strawberry’. I’ll often pick ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to read at Story Time in the Library where I work. Now all I need is for an agent/publisher to pick up my own picture book stories – collectively ‘The Adventures of Ginny Giant & Sweetpea the Dragon’ – and my picture book world will be perfect!

    1. truebluelibrarian Post author

      I’m totally with you Helen! For those of us who count ourselves as bookworms, it’s the ultimate dream to see our own name on a book cover. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for yours and I hope to connect with you again in the world of writing children’s picture books.


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