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Making the most of your BOOK FAIR

I have just held my fourth Scholastic Book Fair and WOW! What a success! We are a K-6 school and have around 420 students. We sold just shy of $6700 at this last Fair which blitzed last year’s sales total by over $800! My consultant is continually surprised with our sales and is always asking “So, what are you doing to get such good numbers?”

At first my response was “Um, I don’t know…” But after discovering that not every school is making such good numbers, I really got thinking seriously about the answer. Continue reading

“Connect to Reading” display

Welcome back to Term 3! No doubt everyone is busy planning for Book Week at the moment. I thought I’d share with you my “Connect to Reading” display. I have to admit that displays are not my forte…I just don’t have the time (or the creativity if I’m being honest) to create masterpieces. But ideas are certainly worth sharing!

In the photo below, I’ve created a border of puzzle pieces (an idea fromĀ Pinterest) using coloured card and dust jackets. Continue reading